Saturday, 14 July 2012


What on earth is a Crobot?? I hear you ask. Logic dictates that it's a crocheted robot. A strange combination, definitely. The softly-textured, somehow old-fashioned craft of crochet clashes head-on with the metallic futuristic world of the robot. With adorable results.

My inspiration for this project came from this lovely book: Crobots, by Nelly Pailloux
Image c/o
However, I am pleased to say that apart from using and modifying one of the head patterns from the book, I actually made the rest of it up as I went along (the top hat was modified from another pattern I found).

I wanted to make a unique wedding gift for my friends who got married last month. They are big sci-fi fans, and particularly love robot imagery so I thought this was the perfect idea. I was completely daunted at first, as this was the first dimensional crochet project I have done, but I was very pleased with the results. I couldn't resist the cute Bride & Groom mugs to sit my little crobots in.

I crocheted a veil and a top hat, which is easier than it looks! Then made eyes from felt and sewed mouths, buttons etc with wool. I raided my scrapping stash for flowers, and a Tim Holtz fragment charm to use as a pocket watch (a technique I have used before).

I wasn't there when my friends opened the gift, but they were reportedly thrilled with them. Its always lovely to receive a handmade gift, and I am now pretty confident with dimensional crochet. Plus, they look so cute!!


  1. Wow Hannah - they are brilliant. Your crochet work is really coming along!

  2. Oh my they are fabulous, I'd love to attempt those, I'm putting that book on my Christmas wish list, thanks for sharing.
    C xx

  3. Love them,they're so cute!I really must get my crochet hook out!